Wednesday, 14 September 2011

warmly wintry

Hello my little Navajo's :)

How is the season change coming along for you?
for us here in Ireland there is more than a reluctant nip in the air, its positively CHILLY!
ok, ok I'm putting it mildly to say the least 

however i will interrupt my fine weather talk and move onto more pressing matters
ie. my wardrobe transition into more cosy attire,
i recently bought i fantastic pair of leather (look) trousers from Topshop and have decided that they are now my winter staple! These babies waterproof and they keep me warm, granted i could wear some form of galoshers for this job but i think my way is altogether more stylish!

so here is my latest lookbook look 
with the addition of my new winter trousers and a few extra shots

so there ya go
hope you like
and ill speak soon beautina's :)

Lv. T

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Model Street Style

Hey all you shiny happy people  

I thought id drop a line concerning something iv been mulling over for a little while 

-Model street style- 

The more attention i pay to these long legged beauties and there very high fashion street wear the more i realize the abundance of fantastic inspiration they give me and also- of course hours worth of quality browsing material for those soggy days.

I think it will either be a weekly or fortnightly manifesto but either way i will select one of my favorite sartorially inclined models and present you with a juicy selection of my choice picks and possibly a small area of there work if I feel so inclined :)

To get our oh so stylish perfectly embellished ball rolling i thought i would present you with my current and ultimate style crush!

Completely cute and totally individual, 
22 year old Hanne Gaby Odiel is one hot tomale on the fashion market- combining crisp collars, mega boots and a generous helping of attitude i would definitely lose a few fingers for that wardrobe.

So here is my selection along with a campaign and an editorial

For Vogue beauty- China

An editorial for an unknown magazine- but i looove this image dont you?

An editorial for vogue Korea feb-2011

Editorial by Miles Aldridge for Numero aug-2009

Ad camaign for Balenciaga 

Nirvana! A perfectly grungy look

preppy cable knit with an edge 

Rock and Royal- such a beautifully indulgent outfit and colour scheme

Lux layers in Japan

Such a fantastic contrast!

The perfect winter look in my opinion, perhaps make the scarf/ turban optional though

Completely and utterly my favorite look, perfectly compiled into one of the coolest and most lust worthy silhouettes iv seen in quite some time. 

Total flair

The fantastic harness Hanne paired with her dramatic floor length skirt- total show stopper 

Comments are definitely welcome and if you have any suggestions for your own favorite model street style id love to hear about them...

ciao bella 
speak soon my lovelies

Lv. T  x