Monday, 5 December 2011

Teatum Jones

Hello shiny happy people

I was just trawling as you do on these often rainy evenings, 
and i came across this very exciting design house by the name of Teatum Jones  
( I know, how cute is that name!?)
its a joining of minds born from this brilliant pair- 

Catherine Teatum and Rob Jones

This is there third collection showing at London Fashion Week 
and i think it is aaawsome.

The collection is very mystical and airy there's something very ethereal about there colour choices and silhouettes that i just love. 
Not to mention there unusual tailoring smoothly combined into some of the 
pieces, that is so unexpected but works so very very well-
If i had to describe the collection  in a nutshell i would say take 
Camilla Akrans photography,
Maison Martin Margeila's imagination
The Beatles dress sense 
all fused together to reveal a delicate and inspiring collection.

So here are some of my favorite pieces from the collection 
and please do let me know what you think

So, there you have it! 
A very memorable collection and collaboration for me
I think you will feel the same.

By for now
Peace out

T. x