Friday, 4 November 2011

We See It- do you?

Hello there lads and ladettes 

I first must apologize for my long absence from my lovely little blog- Sorry :)
However it is not without good reason- the reason being my laptop charger has given up on me and my Iphone has been swiped from me by some sticky fingered bandit, so all in all not the greatest time of my life but also not the end of all as we know it (even though i like to think it is).

Any who moving on to more pressing matters and very exciting ones at that- now... it takes allot to get me excited... ok that's a lie I get excited all the time- (its in my nature or something like that) however this is excitement in epic proportions! 

The bundle of excitement I'm waffling on about being the fab little online Zine known as WeSeeIt Magazine, and WeSeeIt Volume 2 has been released! Seriously its like Christmas has come (very) early! 

Now with Volume one my eyes were stuck to the (fabricated) pages, I couldn't get enough of the beautiful images and the amazing insight into such a broad range of artists minds, and personally I thought I had seen it all (well most of it anyway) when it came to magazines but I was pleasantly mistaken- WeSeeIt is what I like to call gourmet food for the eyes or possibly even the brain in this case but either way it is certainly a beautiful experience reading this mag and one you will enjoy thoroughly.

Being honest ok i hear ya, maybe i might be the teeniest bit bias due to me being an ongoing contributor :) (kind of like a mother with her new baby) but it doesn't change the fact that this mag is going to be BIG and hopefully in the near future it wont just be me who holds it close to my heart.

I thought I would share a few of my favorites with you because really I cant contain myself and I don't know when to stop (but in this case that really isn't a bad thing), starting with our very own...

Michelle Campion from Galway! I know total brilliance! beginning on page 110 is her beautiful pastel/ oil colour portraits that I find comletely addictive! I love the bizarre images that are harsh and girly all rolled into one and I definitely get a Lewis Carroll vibe when I look at them which is something I find very exciting!

Also Tana O Donnell begining on age 66 a brilliant photographer who portrays massive spirit in her images, creating a feeling of intense wonder whilst being somehow beautifully STRONG.

oh and Ali J (page 14) a fantastic illustrator from Perth Australia who completely one me over, a few words I would associate with her art- wholesome, quaint, heart-warming, completely sweet and addictive- to say the least.

But finally the very mesmerizing Troy Colby (page 6), a gritty intelligent photographer who has inspired me greatly since seeing his work, a few words i would associate with his images would be- eerie, bizarre, addictive, rustic and Deliciously obscene, probably my favorite of the bunch if i had to chose and so very refreshing- good work Troy.

Not forgetting of course my little piece- 'Do you lookbook?' starting on age 58. If your a fan and want to see very talented but unseen individuals then please check it out :)

Thanks for taking the time to read my little blog 
and be assured i will be back allot sooner than last time.

hakunamatata and all that :)