Wednesday, 14 September 2011

warmly wintry

Hello my little Navajo's :)

How is the season change coming along for you?
for us here in Ireland there is more than a reluctant nip in the air, its positively CHILLY!
ok, ok I'm putting it mildly to say the least 

however i will interrupt my fine weather talk and move onto more pressing matters
ie. my wardrobe transition into more cosy attire,
i recently bought i fantastic pair of leather (look) trousers from Topshop and have decided that they are now my winter staple! These babies waterproof and they keep me warm, granted i could wear some form of galoshers for this job but i think my way is altogether more stylish!

so here is my latest lookbook look 
with the addition of my new winter trousers and a few extra shots

so there ya go
hope you like
and ill speak soon beautina's :)

Lv. T