Tuesday, 19 July 2011

props and vintages- oh the finery

Hello there

I recently went to visit Props and Vintage for hire in Galway
 to check it out and marvel at some of the pieces.
This is a beautiful little space fit to burst with the most amazing intricate pieces from every era.
Founded and run by the hugely talented Jim Grindley and Triona Lillis this place really is a treasure chest waiting to be discovered.

Although i had a limited time space and it was kind of a matter of grabbing as many of my favorite bits as i could and taking a few snaps (no mean feat, im telling you)
I think i managed to gather a nice array (if a very small portion) of pieces.

this amazing asian style dress
has a full skirt of fringing and fringe detail on the shoulders

a beautiful raw silk piece that looks to be from the 1910's
although i cant be sure

an amazing entirely embellished 80's pieces,
this thing weighs a ton, what a show stopper!

such a beauty, an amazing flowy 70's maxi.
I LOVE the colours!

such a lovely piece
it could be worn in current times and still look perfect

another glitzy 80's number,
they really knew how to embellish

really one of my favorite pieces
the unbelievable detail will win you over every time

my absolute favorite hands down this amazing silk hand stitched piece is mind blowing
the colours patterns and outstanding detail had me jumping up and down with excitement!

although this was a short trip ill be sure to go back and document my findings more thoroughly when i have more time as theres sooo much to see including a very impressive collection of vintage luggage that would make you heart hurt...

by for now. T. x