Wednesday, 20 July 2011


Of late iv been giving some thought to young urban designers and there crazy creations and you cant get much crazier than these two...

First in line is Richard James now Granted he is a bespoke savile row tailor and is far from quirky by any stretch of the imagination but he must of had some nutty notions hiding away deep inside when he came up with this mini collection- an entire tailored suit all of which is Sponge Bob Square Pants theme- its certainly taking a risk for a well respected tailor, however i have the up-most respect to anybody who is willing to break the mold, even if it is just once for a mini collection!

Mr James with his prestigious British Fashion Award

And here we come to the not so mundane Carri Mundane, born Carri Mundan this girl is as nutty as squirrel poo -but oh my she has the talent to back it up. This Japanese crazy genius's London based clothing line Cassett Playa is an eclectic mix of 'Technology, Comics and Cartoon Couture' using a wiiiide variety of prints, colours and fabrics with heavy urban and retro influences. Even the website is totally creative and random-

Mundane Micky Mouse creation

Miss Mundane herself modeling her own line

Cassette Playa and Nike collaboration

at one of the fashion shows

Some of Cassette Playa's latest collection

Carri modelling her own attire

End of show with Sonic the hedgehog

Carri Mundan

Its not all fun and games however, Carri Mundane has received a number of prestigious achievements including being nominated for best mens wear designer (alongside Alexander McQueen no less) in 2007 and in 2008 rolling stone magazine named her 'best fashion designer'.
Having been a heavy weight stylist before beggining her collection Carri has an impressive array of collaborations under her belt including a number of music videos ( MIA, Dizzee Rascal and patrick wolf to name a few ) and is a contributing stylist and editor of super super magazine and I.D.
Describing her line as techno, primal, positive and tribal this girl knows her stuff and isnt afraid to shout about it.