Tuesday, 19 July 2011

guilty conscience


So i may have been a bit of a busy bee about town recently
 as i have some how managed to acquired a number of new clothes with out due care and attention, however im not going to mope about
because there is clothes that need to be worn and styled and that's my job.
So with my guilty conscience eased here are a few of my recent buys
(that might i add i am very pleased with)
and i am sure are soon to be featured on lookbook so stay tuned...

my very favoritest ring atm my pear ring,
i love adding a bit of fun to my outfits and this is perfect for that

my fantastical wooden parrot earrings

my smug purchase although it weighs a ton its a show stopper!

front and back of my whimsical kamono type thing- LOVE

i have got so much where out of this already, my rusty friend
this and my kimono both from the River Island sale might i add

goes with EVERYTHING :)

here we have a bit of a favorite pairing the ideal basic for summer-
a jersey maxi i snapped up in the topshop sale along with the fantastico knit-wear which i live in !