Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Furry Friends

I just recently stumbled accross this fantastic OA (origin assured) fur designer-
Eliana Dimitrakopoulou- i am yet to attempt to pronounce it but mark my words this girls going to be big, her use of colour and texture is so beautiful, the sheer vibrancy and inspirational silhouettes are so bold and imaginative and oh my do they photograph exquisitely.
I would be content for the year if i managed to track down these babies for a photo shoot, but with her fame and career on the rise its not looking likely ;)

Eliana's winning piece

Here is Eliana with her winning piece in the 2010 REMIX international design competition in Milan.

Eliana has now came second twice in the REMIX international design competition in Milan- representing Greece in 2005 and the UK in 2010. Since then Eliane has achieved her completed MA in Fashion Design Technology at the London College of Fashion, and seems to be going from strength to strength being featured on Zines such as Dazeddigital-(dazed and confused), The Playground magazine and Jodie Harsh has been seen draped in a number of Eliana D masterpieces.

2010 collection- Darwinism

Eliana D is now an Established Fur brand in Greece sponsored by 'Kopenhagen Furs'
check out her latest collection Darwinism on her website eliana.gr