Tuesday, 20 December 2011


Hello all you awesome stars

So i was scralling the internet and came across this fantastic photographer 
by the name of  Eugenio Recuenco

I was completely blown away by the sheer quality and  bulk of his body of work

Here are some (allot) of my favorites from his  online portfolio

aaaand festive one to start us off :)

 Oh yes that is John Galliano

Above all my favorite image ^^ so enchanting...

For more from this amazing photographer 
check out his website below

by for now Kitty cats

peace out


Wednesday, 14 December 2011


Festivities people <3

I have of late been feeling very seasonal. 
Its been slowly building around the city over the last week 
with bustling crowds and the anual round of seasonal hits in the air. 
however i  finally gave in on sunday 
with an express mini christmas to see my mum off.
She is on her merry way to india as we speak, 
and in my opinion going with the intelligent option- migration 
to get through this permanent storm we call weather :)

With the halls decked and the tree decorated to within an inch of its life
we had some dinner and opened presents (totally cheating)
and had midnight mince pies.

So thats it the fever has kicked in and accordance with this, 
here are a few pics that put me in a good mood for the holiday season

Heres some photos of my christmas decorations at home
I really love candle light and an open fire at this time of year 
to cheer me up witha glass of prosecco...lovely :)

This is the amazing crumble mince pie 
from The Gourmet Tart company- addicted!

What are you doing for christmas this year?
Id love to know, 
speak soon

Peace out

Lv. T